The exhibition tour

The venue of Savigliano is built to allow as much ease of use as possible for visitors with reduced mobility capabilities.

The whole tour at the ground level of the exhibition hall, as well as the rolling stock exhibition in the outside area, are free of steps and significant grades; hence, they can be easily covered by people with wheelchairs or crutches.

Access to the library and media room, upstairs, is guaranteed by a comfortable lift. All exhibition spaces and the toilets are designed to allow easy movement of wheelchairs.

The vehicles

Every vehicle on display can be fully visited outside from ground level.

Some vehicles can be visited in the interior; unfortunately,they were designed in eras when issues of accessibility were not taken into account and have no interior room enough to allow wheelchairs movement. Moreover, they have many high steps, so that is difficult for people with crutchest to get on. 

Therefore, we cannot ensure people with disabilities the full enjoyment of the visit inside the vehicles.

Coach BH 203

In collaboration with GATT and Gruppo Torinese Trasporti, it was equipped a coach from the GTT heritage train to allow accessibility to people with disabilities. This coach traveled, whenever it was possible, in composition to historic trains organized by the Museo Ferroviario PIemontese. 

The coach is equipped with an elevator platform each side, that allow autonomous access to travellers with wheelchair; the interior has been modified, by creating sites for positioning and anchoring on special attacks 6 to 8 standard wheelchairs. The toilet has been expanded and adapted to the current rules about the shape, size, height from the floor of  W.C., basin and their controls; maneuvering room inside and width of the front door.

The coach is currently awaiting periodic maintenance at the GTT plant in Moretta (CN).