BiblioecaThe Library is an indispensable tool for historical research, for preservation of both technical and professional culture,  and for the restoration of assets of the Museo Ferroviario Piemontese, but the consultation is open to everyone.

No external borrowing is allowed; the books are lent only for on-site consultation.

Subject to applicable laws and conservation needs, users can obtain copies of the documents, exclusively in digital format on CD-ROM, at stated fees. A PC is made available to let patrons query the library catalog and to perform the copying tasks autonomously.

Thanks to numerous donations from generous benefactors, the fund of the library is continuously increasing; the catalog is therefore constantly updated. Currently, the collection of books stored and available for consultation includes over 3200 monographs about informative, technical and regulatory topics. The discussions mainly concern the Italian railway network and Piedmont, but there are texts about the most important foreign networks, and there is a tramways section, too.

There also are nearly 4,000 technical drawings of assemblies or details of various vehicle kinfs – such as locomotives, railcars, and coaches – both produced by the domestic industry, and  the major foreign manufacturers.

More than 1,000 volumes of magazines make up the collection of periodicals of the sector, either pointing to information and professional enhancement of employees (designers and railway workers), or intended for the world of railfans and collectors.

The video library contains about one hundred documentaries and various films on videocassette and DVD, viewable in the media room of the Museum.

Completes the collection a set of prints and non-technical iconographic material  of various kinds.

Opening hours

The library is accessible during regular opening schedule of the Savigliano venue, subject to the presence of the Librarian. We advise the interested people to verify the actual presence of the Librarian by writing to