Plastico digitale "Mina"

A glimpse of the layout during assembly.

The big model railway layout donated by our member Mr. Riccardo Mina is entirely controlled by a digital system, that allow an unlimited number of trains to travel at the same time, in and independent way one to each other, in a manner astonishingly similar to the one trains run in real world.

Like the real-world systems with the most advanced technologies, the traffic on the miniature railway is fully managed by a computer, that deals with all safety concerns (for example, prevent two trains marching in the opposite direction being forwarded on the same track) and sends to the locomotives the commands given by the operator.  In fact, the “active” part of the traffic management is still in charge of the man, who (as the engineer) controls the individual locomotives and (as the dispatcher) decides which train to start, on which track stop it, and so on.

The layout is divided into two distincht sections, one suitable to accommodate model trains in the H0 scale, running the “third rail” Marklin system, the other dedicated to trains – still in the H0 scale – running the most common “two rails” system.

Altogether, the work reaches the size of 10 x 2.2 m, and includes:

  • 105 track sections
  • 55 switches
  • 14 light signals
  • 5 semaphore signals
  • 9 uncouplers
  • 2 transit station
  • 1  header station (with connection with a narrow gauge point-to point line and a rack-rail point-to-point line)
  • 2 hidden staging yards
  • 1 Loco depot with freight yard and turntable
  • 1 freight yard equipped with a digital, remotely controlled crane.


The layout is running on the following days and hours:

Saturday All over the afternoon opening hours
Other hours by appointment for groups